Most things have been done but not by you

I won’t lie last year when in my skin aired I thought oh shit 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’m writing my story about living with bipolarand then a commissioner said to me the mental health market is over sacturated🤪I though There is hundreds of police defective dramas though!

Yeah maybe he is right, I should give up on mine… I should give up on that one persons opinion….

anyway what I find so inspirational from that writer is that she lost a option and then decided to tell HER story… she didn’t write a pitch, she wrote down on one page this is my story and what I need to tell and sent it to 7 producers on the off chance one would see her vision… 6 got back to her… then they had to hustle like fuck to make a pilot even on the 2nd series they refused her 6eps only 5eps that show was shot on lowest possible budget- it was put on the i player… it’s now being shown in America on hula and the i player and doing so well. This was her first created show – She didn’t give up to get it over the line. This started with her being knock back a lot and on one page or paper…

That was her truth and her story she wasn’t following the crowd with what she thought people wanted she followed her vision…. And here is the thing everyone has their own Story a story that has to be told…. But your story is not the same as anyone else’s which means to tell that story you have to except not everyone desk it lands on will see the magic in it because it’s not a safe option…

I bet everyone who knocked her back on that risky too much of it out there stories are eating their words wishing they wouldn’t of played it safe…

It’s had such a impact because she told her truth. She didn’t care if it was liked or try to change the opinion of those who said no she carried on doing her thing…. And that thing has become a huge success!

Most things have been done but not by you because your story isn’t the same as anyone else’s and those stories are the ones people are still going to be talking about in years to come.

Your creativity is not a competition because your creation is YOURS!

So remember that when someone tells you that it’s already been done, it’s not because it’s not yet been done by you- as no one can tell your story that burns inside you… only you…

So keep hustling 🚀 and find the inspiration from people like her that are not afraid to go out the box and create magic! That give you the fuel ⛽️ to tell that story that scares you the most to tell- that’s the best one you can tell. ❤️

In my skin was exceptional and she is a inspiration… ❤️ she is right we need more lived experience stories- the ones that make a change 🚀

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