Stand in your truth!

Can I just say for someone that was on the bones of my arse this time last year mentally physically (even tho today dropping a comp bar almost on my back wasn’t all that great) however to get to where I am now with my book and the projects and people I have connected with is overwhelming to say the least. I suppose what I wanna say is that sometimes those awful times you go through can absolutely be turned into magic. I didn’t finish school, I have been involved with some bad men, I have spent a lot of my life fighting my mind and emotions spent a lot of time being called a Werido psycho feeling like a worthless piece of shit basically. I had a comment not so long ago saying if all of Facebook knew the real you… almost didn’t put my book out. You know what writing that book sharing my all was the best thing I ever did. I still and will always be battling my mind and emotions. However let me tell you this fuck what people say stand proud of who you are admit when your struggling don’t be ashamed if you piss yourself when you have a anxiety attack. Dont beat yourself up if your late for school or you can’t concentrate on things because your minds racing so much, don’t spend so much time in pain. As I closed one book another opened because that’s life. However as I say in my recent blog for bipolar uk yes me blogging for bipolar uk! That even with my illness I have achieved so much! Those people that kicked me when I was down my dear darlings let me tell you this the book was a starter. For anyone who suffers stigma of mental illness stand proud of who you are even if it’s in your own piss because that’s who you are! Much love to you all me,myself and bipolar Brenda 💗 http://www.meandbipolarbrenda where my recent blog is. who I am writing a article for the metro for their new camping ‘see the bigger picture’ I have been invited to join the commissions with bipolar uk and will be looking forward to working on the commission for funding for women and children effected by bipolar. This time last year I was in a utter mess I am still a mess but I just brought the Magic out of it. So to the person who said if only the whole of Facebook knew the real me, well I have just touch the surface…. thank you to those who doubted me and kick me when I was down and to those who lifted me up and continue to when I have a manic phase doubting myself and dropping powerlifting bars you know who you are the special humans the ones who are the madness in the magic…. stand in your truth all of you!

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