Mental illness is a illness regardless of the title and it needs the same respect as what physical illness get

I had a meeting today from the home help team from park house as I sat there with loads and loads of letters around me of years of psychology reports I was never diagnosed straight away with bipolar disorder it took years. This has been my worse episode since 2016 barring that I have managed my highs and lows myself without medication. I knew last week as I lay in the hospitcal that I had lost the battle this year with my mind…. I have spent years getting to know my triggers my Illness and excepting it. I have wrote a book about it although i then found myself back to that confused girl I was when a psychologist off meeting me once when I haven’t been in hospitcal for bipolar for almost 3 years that actually he think I have bpd. Now it’s not about that label I am bothered about it’s about I have spent years working this out this illness I am in a low with mixed states…. he wasn’t listening to me and he didn’t relies I needed help with this episode before he try’s giving me another label. The stigma around bpd is horrendous it had me questioning everything and myself again. Here is the thing though what I have come to learn today is whatever the label is it’s mental illness and it’s doesn’t take away from who you are as a human being. I have not had the support or understanding from certain people places and things but I get it it’s really hard to understand someone with mental illness even doctors can be ignorant and not listen but it’s made me more determining to get mental health the respect it needs and to end the stigma about whatever label describes your illness because I may have lost the battle this year with it but I will not loose the war……. #timetochange #endthestigma #mentalhealthmatters #speakaboutyourmentalillness #timetotalk

I will be a media a champion camping because I know how it feels to be made to feel ashamed and treated different and have my mental illness used against me. Well I won’t know more speak your truth so no one can use it against you! #memyselfandbipolarbrenda 💗✨💗✨💗