It’s ok to have mental health now…. social media said so…..

💚………. remember when I use to get called a psycho….drama queen…..nuts…..crank…. bla bla bla….. now is the norm because social media says so 😂 ‘I am not any of these I am

Not bipolar…. I am

Natasha….. and also sometimes despite the menkal health look at your triggers…your ego…your people places and things….. and look at your soul….. sometimes you can’t control your moods emotions but ask yourself I am I doing everything I can for myself to manage this….. and if you are and you still can’t cope then go and get help….. it’s that simple but be aware that it’s easier to give medication than it is a therapist….. do your research…. look at your diet your intake of drink and social media…. because I remember when I was diagnosed it was taboo never really spoken about, I was tarnished and made to feel a absolute Werido because my moods effected me so much. I have learnt a lot over the last 15 years of being a ‘Werido’ ‘crank’ and before it become fashionable and acceptable to post about it. Also ask yourself because I do all the time how bad I am

I and can I manage today with going the gym reaching out to my therapist doing yoga meditation without going to

The doctors… all they offer you is medication anyway and a maximum of 6 weeks on cbt. Your referral can takes months and months even joe talked about it on brassic. I have to

Take today to look at how far I have come and I am


Coming with it all because really we only show the strong side of ourselves on here don’t we!

Let’s face it all these campaigns wasn’t as popular before reality tv and celebs suicide…. what about the people that haven’t been out of bed for 6 months literally that can not function at all…. where is the support for these people that can’t come on fb and see all these quotes because that’s all it is posts…. they can advertise as much as they want but the pharmacist are laughing all the way to the bank now let me tell you….

I looked at all the posts today and a good friend of mine who’s bipolar who can’t work because of it, who’s been sectioned before and who’s been on all sorts of anti psychotic which has made her gain weight who’s back and forth to crises…. hasn’t posted a thing not one thing about it being mental health awareness…. take from that what you will….

Last year it was body image this year it’s mental health but here’s the thing the thing we are sharing and posting is causing is most of the triggers….. because let’s face it look back at 2014 did anyone even know what it was today? The mental health service was over stretched then. I remember telling my ex I had bipolar well actually I said I was bipolar (which I never say anymore) he didn’t even know what it was. I am all for raising awareness but my trainer has taught me to be hard and not Pitty myself because yes a lot of the time I don’t keep around what’s good for me. His taught me that I have to take responsibility for myself and my actions.

I am massive attention seeker and don’t get me wrong it’s comfort in posting and sharing and showing how strong you are look at me still here….. at the end of the day though you have to take responsibility for yourself because let me tell you if you’re posting and out we are not as bad as some people and it’s getting harder and harder now for people to get better because we are a world full

Of false truths and far too many egos…. mine included….

Mental health is serious for everyone, everyone suffers at some point but ask yourself what’s triggering you because I had to , I had to ask myself where do I get most Poorly?

I can only speak from my own personal experience with bipolar but even my friend who’s serve she has triggers one being drink which she stoped mine is my ex.

We all have triggers but you see it takes work to get to the root of them and in this world no one really has the time but we all have time to spend days a weeks scolling on a never ending newsfeed.

I am not saying that some people don’t need medication because they do I even have to have ones for anxiety now because I haven’t learnt yet how to mange it. However I replaced my meds for bipolar with meditation yoga and powerlifting. I still have episodes, I am in a 12 month low now with anxiety hitting me every other day but I will not till they take me in and I am unable to dress myself or wash myself go back on medication. I will try every which way to get the chemicals in my head balanced. I also will not go round with labels anymore like I have done for 15 years. I am a fucking human being with a heart and soul that suffers with a imbalanced head and emotions but I am not anything other than me!

Don’t become a label don’t become your illness, yes it’s part of you but drop the label because there is not healing in labels.

Talk but walk the walk…..

Be kind to everyone even the ones that are unkind…..

And remember if your reading this there someone who is that so far out of themselves right now that can’t. So pat yourself on the back and crack the fuck on… no one is going to save you but you.

Light and love to you all ✨

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